Your cancer treatments are finally over, and it is important to continue to take good care of yourself in the weeks and months ahead. 

Although the most difficult period of your cancer treatment is behind you, it is key to continue with the good skincare routine  you have embraced during treatment. Your skin will need extra love and care during this time, as you may still have some sensitivity, dryness or irritation. There are several areas where that require extra precautions, such as sun exposure. 

You and your loved ones have been battling against cancer for a long time and you may need time to rebuild your physical and emotional strength. Taking advice from others living with cancer  can give you a fresh perspective on your own situation. Patient associations can help you with this. They are safe spaces in which you can exchange and interact with others in the same situation as yourself.

While some scars should only be massaged under the supervision of a medical professional, there is some basic guidance endorsed by the British Skin Foundation that can bring relief but remember to consult with your healthcare professional before embarking on any massage. Sun protection, especially for scars, is essential. 

Changes to your skin can seem overwhelming, and sometimes putting your skin into the hands of a dermatology specialist can take the pressure away from you, especially if your treatment has left you feeling weak. Some cancer patients choose to visit the La Roche Posay thermal center in France. The therapy centre is internationally renowned for specialising in sensitive skin conditions and offers many wellbeing treatments. It can treat your body, skin, and mind, at the same time, which can be a welcome respite as you recover.


Now is the time to continue to seek support from others that have lived with cancer. Find advice and information from patient organisations. In recent years, the conversation has naturally moved online as those that have battled cancer share their experiences.