A cancer diagnosis can cause a mentally and physically challenging experience. There are a range of alternative therapies and exercises for you to try, possibly for the first time, that can help you to live with cancer. One of these is Sophrology. It combines Eastern wisdom and Western science to bring harmony, calm and mindfulness to those who practice it.   

It uses a series of relaxation methods centered around breathing exercises, meditation, hypnosis and gentle movements to help you to slow down, unwind, and just concentrate on your own being. 

Sophrology is playing an increasingly significant role among developing supportive care practices in oncology. Sophrological techniques will help you to find calm, lessen stress and offer you the opportunity to work on yourself through simple, easily reproducible exercises. 

6 Benefits
Of Sophrology 

A cancer diagnosis brings with it a wide range of emotions. Sophrology can help you manage these emotions daily, both during and after your treatment.


Did you


You can ask the hospital or care center where you are receiving your cancer treatment if they offer this activity.
Sophrology can be practiced in a group or on your own if this is more comfortable.

Sessions can be
as short as 15 minutes

Because Sophrology can be used in short sessions, you can easily fit it into your daily routine. Consider setting a daily alarm to remind yourself to practice these techniques and try to be consistent for a few weeks to see the beneficial effects.