While undergoing cancer treatments, your skin will become more sensitive and may thin out over time. Now is the time to pamper yourself by adopting a daily nourishing skin routine. It is important to be aware of what your skin needs and offer it the best protection and comfort by using creams, moisturising balms and skincare adapted to sensitive and fragile skin. 

As the skin on your face is exposed daily to UV light, pollution, and all sorts of outside aggressions it gets dirty faster than the rest of your body. To preserve it, start by carefully cleansing it every morning and evening.

To take care of your skin during treatments, you can generously cream your face and your body every morning and evening. In addition to penetrating quickly and soothing the skin, this gifted product prevents the phenomena of xerosis, irritations and itching.

A Daily Routine
for my face

Remember to moisturise and nourish each area of your face with specific products that meet its needs every day. Use a specific skincare product for the fragile area around your eyes. Once a week, use a moisturising mask on your face for 30 minutes to relieve skin tightening and give your complexion a burst of radiance. You can also keep your eye care product in the refrigerator for a fresh way to reduce puffiness. For your lips, nourish and protect with a moisturising balm.



Cleanse your skin with a gentle hypoallergenic cleanser such as Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser

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One Prerequisite = Zero Allergic reactions
If we detect a single case, we go back to the labs and reformulate

Prepare your skin with Thermal Spring Water’s soothing formula

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We select the most protective packaging associated with only the necessary preservatives, to guarantee intact tolerance and efficacy over time.

Apply a moisturising cream such as Toleriane Ultra

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Developed in collaboration with dermatologist and toxicologist, our products contain only the necessary ingredients, at the right active dose.

Apply a photo-protective cream like Anthelios uvmune 400 Invisible Fluid or cream

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Our products' tolerance is verified on the most sensitive skin: reactive, allergic, acne-prone, atopic, damaged or weakened by cancer treatments.


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Cleanse your face.
Banish make-up remover wipes, which are too harsh, soaps that will dry your skin out, alcohol-based toners, and some essential oils

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Prepare your skin
with cleansing milk

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Apply a moisturising cream

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Revitalise your eyes
with a micro-massage

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A Routine
for My Hands And Feet

Your hands and feet need special attention. Poor in sebaceous glands, they are less rich in protective fatty substances. They tend to dry out more quickly, especially under the effect of multiple external aggressions (cold, friction from shoes). The skin can crack and become painful. Several key actions must be part of your daily life. 


If your hands and feet are irritated, you should apply the Cicaplast Baume B5 before going to bed

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For a moment of relaxation, you can gently massage your hands and feet with product

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Let the balm penetrate the skin until it is completely absorbed. 

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Take care not to leave any excess product between your toes

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